Lioness Tracks Down Wild Dogs From 4kms Away

Unsure how large that pack is at full strength, but she better be careful, There’s a clip of a lioness with a cub getting her behind beaten by a pack of wild dogs.

The people doubting that she could smell the Wild Dogs from 4 KM away and pursuing them, Lions are incredibly tenacious, they will stop at nothing to eliminate any threat, both existing or potential.

Wild dogs are lighter and more agile than lions, and can evade and outrun them without too much trouble. Male lions will kill wild dog pups if they get the chance, and will also kill adult dogs if they can surprise them.

She definitely didn’t use valuable energy to track down wild dogs for 4km, They aren’t prey animals for lions, she doesn’t have any cub to protect, and it wasn’t territorial, I think she was just walking and ran into them.

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